Vanilla Extra Virgin Olive Oil Scones


Extra Virgin Olive Oil Scones; light and tender quick breads with deep fruity olive flavour and the slightest hint of vanilla. I was out of butter margarine (yuk! but that’s what I get when I ask father-in-law for ‘Zibda‘) when I wanted to bake something to have as a sweet treat along with our afternoon coffee. I’m no stranger … Read more

Buttermilk Vanilla Scones


For those unfamiliar with scones, really all they are a small, slightly sweet quick breads. Some have add ins such as currants or mixed dried fruits but I like this basic one which is elevated by one of my favourite spices and scents vanilla, i used both homemade vanilla sugar and some bought in halal … Read more

Recipes Chorba Aadess – Green Lentils Soup Chorba Aadess a hearty green lentils soup. Packed full of veggies and optional Recipes Aadess – Algerian Green Lentil Vegetable Soup I’ve shared an Aadess recipe before, made with meat. Today’s healthy vegan soup recipe Recipes Algerian Berkoukes Soup Algerian berkoukes soup; a rich north african spiced, tomato based soup with … Read more

Bradj – Algerian date filled semolina galette


Bradj also known as Kesra Mbardja, are pieces of rich semolina galette stuffed with fragrant spiced date paste Bradj also known as Mbardja, are pieces of rich semolina galette stuffed with fragrant spiced date paste. Are they cookies, cakes, flatbreads or pastries? The quick answer to that is, a bit of all four! Algerian Bradj – diamonds … Read more