Makrout (stuffed with date paste )


Makrout stuffed with date paste –  North African diamond-shaped fried (you can bake them if you prefer) semolina cookies filled with date paste and soaked in honey. This sweet is popular to serve on special occasions such as Ramadan and Eid but can be enjoyed all year round too. Orange blossom and rose water give these cookies a wonderful aroma … Read more

Rolled Makrout


I’m delighted to be back a third year at Lubna Karim’s blog Yummy Food as part of her Ramadan event – Joy from Fasting to Feasting.  This year I’m bringing these delicious North African cookies Makrout / Makroudh. Better known in their diamond-shaped form, Rolled Makrout otherwise known as Makrout Roulé have the same superior taste as the original and are a little … Read more

Recipes Chorba Aadess – Green Lentils Soup Chorba Aadess a hearty green lentils soup. Packed full of veggies and optional Recipes Aadess – Algerian Green Lentil Vegetable Soup I’ve shared an Aadess recipe before, made with meat. Today’s healthy vegan soup recipe Recipes Algerian Berkoukes Soup Algerian berkoukes soup; a rich north african spiced, tomato based soup with … Read more

Cardamom & Rose Ka’ak


Cardamom & Rose Ka’ak ~ aromatic yeast leavened cookies. These cookies were a surprisingly wonderful addition to our EID Al Adha table last week along with the regular Makrout. I made the cookies the day before Eid, adapting Linda’s Algerian Ka’ak recipe which uses the traditional flavours of fennel and anise seeds. I chose the middle eastern and desi … Read more

Italian Sesame Seed Biscuits / Biscotti di Regina


Italian Sesame Seed Biscuits or Biscotti di Regina biscuits of the Queen are not-too-sweet, salty, nutty, crisp and crunchy. Great with or dunked in a good mug of coffee. That’s if you don’t mind the odd sesame seed and crumb or two in your mug. How many of you are screwing your face up at that idea?! I have no idea … Read more

Mbesses – Algerian Semolina Shortbread


Our new family favourite treat to eat in the morning or afternoon with coffee/hot chocolate. The temperatures in Algeria are starting to cool down and with that there is rain. It’s not an “everyday” occurrence here, as in my home country of England. When it does happen, it is usually briefer and more intense i.e. … Read more

Fried Mbesses / Mtekba – Algerian Semolina Sweet


Fried Mbesses an Algerian semolina sweet. Similar to Makrout being fried and coated in honey/syrup. It differs by having no date paste or nut filling, therefore cheaper and easier to make. A lovely treat being rich, tender and sweet. As promised I’m sharing my recipe for Fried Mbesses. Since my children and I already love the metal … Read more

Moroccan Orzo Soup


As the month of Ramadan approaches and the weather gets warmer what do we make? we make soup, Moroccan Orzo Soup. Warm weather doesn’t exactly make you think of eating soup but you see my family and I eat soup during most Ramadan nights after breaking our fasts, the weather is cooler and soup is a great way to … Read more

Bradj – Algerian date filled semolina galette


Bradj also known as Kesra Mbardja, are pieces of rich semolina galette stuffed with fragrant spiced date paste Bradj also known as Mbardja, are pieces of rich semolina galette stuffed with fragrant spiced date paste. Are they cookies, cakes, flatbreads or pastries? The quick answer to that is, a bit of all four! Algerian Bradj – diamonds … Read more

Beginner’s Maghrebi Mint Tea

  Latay A few months back I posted this photo in my Instagram story. Someone asked me for the recipe, oh oh. I was a little embarrassed as I’d never made it before in my whole 2, now 3 years of being here in Algeria. I admitted to the questioner my tea was shop bought … Read more