5 Recipes For Winter

This past month has been a busy one in the family ما شاء الله.

One of my sister-in-laws (wife of one of my husband’s brothers) has a new baby, her fourth son باراك الله لهم.

Also my father-in-law had a short stay in hospital to undergo a minor operation الله يشفيه.

Alot of guests have and are still arriving at home daily, to congratulate the new parents and visit the sick.

Instead of bringing you a new recipe, I’m taking you back to a few favourites of mine that are fit-for-winter.

Officially it’s not Winter in the northern hemisphere until the twenty-first of December.

For sure, you can make these recipes today or any day of the year – depending on the availability of ingredients in your area. Here in Algeria, we mostly cook using local seasonal ingredients. Imports are few and far more expensive.

During these short days and long nights, all I’m craving is comfort foods like these:

Cauliflower Gratin / Gratin de chou-fleur. A creamy, cheesy, with a hint of spice white béchamel sauce, covers florets of in-season boiled cauliflower. Topped with more cheese and baked until golden.

Pass me a baguette and I’m happy to eat only this. Serves 4 as a side or, 2 as a main dish.

Inspired by classic Hungarian stews and soups such as Goulash, Paprikash and Pörkölt. This halal beef stew will warm you, win your heart and nourish your body!

An Algerian dish of orzo pasta and chicken cooked in a North African spiced sauce with chickpeas and garnished with boiled eggs and fresh coriander.
The classic British sticky toffee pudding in cake form. Delicious alone or with a drizzle of cream / lashings of warm, thick custard. Reminds me of the best part of my primary school dinners – the puddings!

This French enriched bread is filled with a spiced butter, chopped dates and walnuts then shaped into a crown. Glazed with jam and drizzled with water icing. It’s an impressive bread/pastry to serve your family and friends.

Now In reality, these days I’m eating lots of salads because they are quick and easy to put together when I’m tired. Hey I’m not complaining! I’m adding seasonal vegetables like grated beets and thinly sliced fennel to the usual salad vegetables and they really work, especially when you drizzle on a vinaigrette.

5 Recipes For Winter
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5 Recipes For Winter

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