Are McDonald’s Fries Halal or Haram?

In countries such as Saudi Arabia and the United Kingdom, McDonald’s offers a range of halal meals, ensuring that their Muslim customers can enjoy their favorite fast-food goodies guilt-free. But what about specifically their famous French fries? Made from Russet Burbank potatoes and cooked in vegetable oil (typically soybean or canola oil), they might seem innocent enough. However, it’s important to dig deeper into the ingredients list.

One key concern regarding McDonald’s fries revolves around an ingredient known as “natural beef flavor.” This flavoring agent raises red flags since it contains beef extracts – a non-halal ingredient when sourced from non-halal meat products. For this reason, some argue that McDonald’s French fries cannot be considered fully halal due to the inclusion of this beef flavoring.

Despite these concerns, there are conflicting opinions on whether or not McDonald’s French fries should be deemed haram (forbidden) by those following Islamic dietary laws. The Vegetarian Society states that while McDonald’s UK claims its fries are vegetarian-friendly, they cannot confirm if they are suitable for vegans or Muslims due to cross-contamination during production processes – primarily because some frying equipment may also come into contact with animal ingredients.

To further complicate matters, McDonald’s India explicitly mentions on its website that none of its foods are certified as halal due to the presence of certain animal products like pork and beef fat in their cooking process. So even though the chain offers vegetarian options in this particular market, it does not meet halal certification standards.

However, it’s worth noting that the halal status of McDonald’s fries can vary from country to country. For instance, in Saudi Arabia and certain locations in the United Kingdom, these fries are prepared using only vegetable oil and undergo strict halal certification processes. This ensures no cross-contamination or non-halal ingredients are present in their preparation.


Are McDonald’s Fries Halal in Sunni?

McDonald’s fries are halal in Sunni as they are made with vegetable oil, specifically a blend of canola oil and hydrogenated soybean oil. The ingredients used in McDonald’s fries do not include any animal products or beef flavoring, making them suitable for those following a halal diet. 

Are McDonald’s Fries Halal in Shia?

McDonald’s Fries are generally considered halal in Shia. In Saudi Arabia, for example, where the majority of Muslims are Shia, McDonald’s uses 100% vegetable oil to fry their French fries and ensures that they do not contain any animal products or beef flavoring.

Similarly, in the United Kingdom, McDonald’s fries are also considered halal as they are cooked separately from non-halal items and use vegetable oil.

Are McDonald’s Fries Halal in Hanafi?

McDonald’s Fries are considered halal in the Hanafi school of thought. The fries are prepared using vegetable oil, specifically hydrogenated soybean oil, which does not contain any animal ingredients. Additionally, they do not contain beef flavoring or beef fat, making them suitable for consumption by Muslims who adhere to halal dietary restrictions. 

Some FAQs whether variations of McDonald’s Fries are Halal or Haram.

Are McDonald’s fries Halal in Canada?

Yes, McDonald’s fries in Canada are certified as Halal.

Are McDonald’s fries Halal in the USA?

No, McDonald’s fries in the USA are not certified as Halal.

Are McDonald’s fries Halal in the UK?

Yes, all of McDonald’s French Fries sold in the UK are approved as suitable for a Vegetarian diet by The Vegetarian Society and are therefore representative of this on their packaging and website but they may come into contact with non-Halal ingredients during the cooking process.

Are McDonald’s fries Halal in Australia?

No, currently there is no certification available to classify our restaurants or products (including food served onsite) as halal.

Are McDonald’s fries Halal in India?

No, McDonald’s fries in India are not certified as Halal.

Are McDonald’s fries Halal in Sweden?

Yes, McDonald’s fries sold in Sweden are certified as Halal.

Are McDonald’s fries Halal by 2024?

There is no definitive answer to this question as it depends on the policies and decisions of McDonald’s. It is best to contact the company directly for current information.

Are McDonald’s Halloumi Fries Halal?

It may vary depending on the country. In general, any halloumi made with vegetarian rennet can be considered Halal suitable (pork-based rennet cannot go and so). Check with local sources or contact the fast-food chain directly for confirmation.

Why are McDonald’s fries, not Halal?

In some countries like the USA, they use a beef flavoring that contains dairy products which makes them unsuitable for a strictly Halal diet. However, around 90% of their ingredients suppliers that supply produce such items provide this council certification.

What about Other Fast Food chains like Jollibee are they Halal?

Well you can find more information on whether Jollibee serves halal or not from here.

Are McDonald's Fries Halal or Haram?
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Are McDonald's Fries Halal or Haram?
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