Cinnamon Biscuits / Cookies

These are the type of biscuits /cookies you can’t say no to.

Adapted from ginger snaps i simply replaced 1 teaspoon ginger with cinnamon.

Instead of baking straight on greased baking trays I greased and lined my baking trays with parchment which means the cookies spread less and end up being smaller, that or i measured the ingredients incorrectly without realizing!

They still ended up crunchy, ever so moreish.

You even have the option if you feel like it (have enough butter) to go and sandwich these cookies with some cinnamon spiced butter cream.

Tip: I discovered the biscuit dough can be handled, it’s a bit sticky but not overly so, wet your hands a little and roll heaped teaspoons (i weighed one it was about 15 grams) into balls before placing on lined baking sheet.

Cinnamon Biscuits / Cookies
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Cinnamon Biscuits / Cookies

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