My Favourite Soups & Stews


My favourite soups & stews to be serving in these colder months.

Even in Algeria North Africa we have had a drop in temperature, a few rainy days and even a few stormy nights a couple of weeks ago and what came along with that? Apart from fear, no electricity therefore no internet. We don’t really value things until we don’t have them anymore, do we?

While the gas heater keeps burning we are serving up soups and stews to eat and keep us all warm on the inside.

My daughter S is the exception, refusing to eat anything other than apples, oranges, yogurt, halwa (sweets) and the occasional sandwich or steaming hot bowl of pasta but Alhamdu’lillah for everything.

I’m still living with my in-laws until my own house a few floors up, complete with kitchen is ready. I don’t feel comfortable enough to start setting up props and camera equipment in their kitchen, I am quite the odd one out already. *smiles*

Here are my favourite soups & stews for these colder months…

Chorba Freek wa Djaj - Algerian Freekeh & Chicken Soup

Chorba Freek – Algerian cracked wheat soup. You can make the soup with chicken, lamb or neither it’s still sure to satisfy!



Garden Vegetables Stew with Lamb or Chicken. Savoury with natural sweetness from the plethora of vegetables. Again, this dish can be made vegetarian and is still as wholesome when served with some crusty bread.


Chorba Bayda – White Soup. Warm cinnamon-spiced chicken soup elevated with a refreshing lemony-egg-herb mixture at the end of cooking.


Loubia – White Beans Soup or Stew. Hearty North African-spiced white beans soup that can easily be turned into a stew, either by reducing the amount of water or by cooking the beans longer so that they fall apart and thicken the sauce.


meatball, lentil & veg soup

Chorba Addass – Lentil Soup with chicken or meatballs. Full of iron, warmth and comfort and what i’m eating for lunch today without any meat! Yes I’ve come to the realisation you don’t need meat to make a meal complete.

My Favourite Soups & Stews
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My Favourite Soups & Stews

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