This was my first attempt at a GIANT lemon cupcake. It didn’t all go according to plan but i’m sure there will be a next time to perfect my cupcake creation, maybe EID inshaAllah.

So here is what went wrong:-

  •  I undercooked the top of the giant cupcake even i tested it with a scewer and it came out clean! This was evident when i tried releasing it from the silicone mould, it didn’t come out in one piece and was mushy in the center.
  • The filling insert that fits on top of the base popped up at one side during the baking process, result – filling cavity wasn’t directly in the center/ uneven border.

Next time i must remember to:-

  • Bake the top/lid of the cupcake for an extra 5 minutes and leave it to cool 80% in the mould before releasing.
  • Make sure the filling insert is properly secured on top of  the base before baking.

I kinda used this cake as a canvas to practice my buttercream roses using the wilton 1M tip, they would have looked more 3D/ realistic if piped onto the lid, inshaAllah some other time (sighs)

I would prefer the filling insert to be deeper so that the cake to filling ratio would be more balanced however all in all this oversized, zesty, lemon cupcake filled with whipped cream and a layer of sliced strawberries was really tasty you know i would say that, as i’m a sucker for anything using my favourite coloured fruit.

The recipe for the cake & buttercream can be found here, i used about 150ml whipped double cream and 4 small strawberries, sliced for the filling.
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