Is Squid Halal or Haram?

Squid is a type of cephalopod mollusk or a sea creature related to lobsters and crabs. It has a soft, elongated body with eight arms and two tentacles that are used for grasping prey.

Squid are usually caught using trawling nets, longlines, or handlines. Once they have been caught, squid can be cooked in a variety of ways depending on the recipe. Grilling, boiling, stir-frying and deep frying are all popular methods for cooking squid.

In the case of squid, it is considered Halal for Muslims to consume as long as it has been prepared in accordance with Islamic dietary laws. This includes ensuring that the squid has been killed in a humane manner and not mixed with any other prohibited ingredients such as pork or alcohol.

Additionally, some Muslims may choose to abstain from eating squid due to its texture or taste preferences. Ultimately, whether consuming squid is Halal or Haram will depend on one’s individual interpretation of Islamic teachings and religious beliefs.

A Squid Dish.

Is Squid Halal in Shia?

Shia Muslims consider squid to be halal. This is based on the teachings of the Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him), who said that all seafood is permissible for Muslims to eat.

According to Islamic law, animals must be slaughtered in a humane manner, and this includes squid. Therefore, Shia Muslims are allowed to consume squid as long as it has been properly prepared according to Islamic guidelines. Additionally, some Shia scholars have stated that consuming cooked or raw squid is permissible if there are no other alternatives available for sustenance.

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Is Squid Halal in Sunni?

Sunni Islamic scholars consider squid to be Halal as long as it has been properly slaughtered according to Islamic guidelines and laws. Some scholars may differ in their opinion and advise against eating squid due to its high levels of mercury content.

Is Squid Halal in Hanafi?

Hanafi Muslims consider squid to be haram (forbidden) according to the Islamic dietary laws. This is because squids are considered makruh (disliked), meaning that it should not be consumed unless absolutely necessary.

Also, some Hanafi scholars have suggested that consuming squid may be harmful due to its high mercury content, making it even more undesirable. Therefore, it is best for Hanafi Muslims to avoid eating squid altogether and instead opt for other seafood options that are considered halal such as fish and shrimp.

Is Squid Halal or Haram?
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Is Squid Halal or Haram?
This article explores the question of whether or not squid is halal or haram in Islamic dietary laws. It looks at the various opinions on this topic and provides a comprehensive overview of the debate.

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