2 post in 1 day then gone for almost a week, what can i say? I am a consistently inconsistent blogger.

‘I am nikon’ – I now have a DSLR Masha’Allah and whilst i learn how to use it here are some phone camera shots of Rogan Josh and Mango Lassi.

I tried out a new recipe using spicentice lamb rogan josh spice kit, the recipe can be found on the packaging itself. My husband and I thoroughly enjoyed it the first day and like many spiced dishes tasted better the next day.
One mistake i didn’t follow the instructions very well. After adding water I covered the pan and let the curry cook. Looking back the recipe doesn’t say to cover pan at that stage so i think i should have left the pan uncovered so that the curry sauce would be thicker. Not to worry by the second day after re-heating it was the perfect consistency.
I can’t vouch for all of spicentice’s products being suitable for a Halal diet but this spice kit didn’t contain any whole nutmeg or mace (if they are in powdered form in small quantity and mixed with other spices then it’s ok – read here including comments section for more understanding)

The curry was spiced to near perfection, in all honesty it wasn’t as good as the local take out, we adore it like no other my husband even joked ”do you think if i pay the chef £100 he would give me his recipe?”. My healthier version and i say healthy only because it’s dairy and ghee free but again dairy is good for you especially raw dairy but everything needs a balance so if you eat curry as much as we do, you need that recipe in your life.

On to Mango Lassi, exotic fruit blended with luxuriously thick yogurt spiced with aromatic cardamom and bitter saffron.

I didn’t make the Lassi on the same day as the Rogan Josh but this refreshing drink would go down well after a spicy curry. Recipe can be found here.

Please note you don’t have to buy tinned mango pulp if you can get hold of fresh ripe mangos, you will need 2-3 (depends on size of your mango!) for this recipe and make sure to peel and destone them first before blending.

Mangos can be quite expensive here in UK but buy in bulk i got 2kg (about 6 mangos) for £5 it seems expensive? but compared with £3 or thereabouts for 2, it’s a bargain!

On a non food related topic, here it’s nearly time for school term to begin which means my son and I need to get back to home learning full time instead of a little bit here a little bit there.

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