Orange Black Seed Cinnamon Rolls

Orange Black Seed Cinnamon Rolls are a zesty Middle Eastern twist on classic Cinnamon Rolls.

I’ve been baking plenty this last week. Which has been evident on my social media, mainly insta-stories that have now disappeared. Yes I’m not one for highlights.

I have a reason, my husband is now home after a 6-month stay in UK – where his job is. He is home for a month or so إن شاء الله.

My husband is not a big fan of cinnamon rolls. Don’t worry, I wouldn’t punish the man for being away six months, with food he didn’t like (not on purpose anyway). I actually made these a few weeks back for me and the kids, who by the way L.O.V.E C.rolls.

These Orange Black Seed Cinnamon Rolls are my latest baking creation using seasonal produce, Oranges.

I enjoy eating oranges and utilizing their zest and juice in my winter baking. When the season ends, I always regret not having stored away more (if any) orange zest. In case you’re wondering, citrus zest stores well in the freezer, providing you place it in a Ziploc bag or wrap it in some cling film.

Orange is the dominant flavour of the rolls. Yet every so often you get a hint of bitterness from the Black Seeds, which is a nice contrast to the sweet glaze. Let’s not forget those warming Cinnamon-sugar layers too.

Now, for those not familiar with Black Seeds. They are known by various names, such as: Habbat el Barakah(seeds of blessing), Kalonji, Black Cumin, Black Caraway and their scientific name Nigella Sativa. Black Seeds have numerous health benefits and are mostly found in Middle Eastern and Indian cuisine.

If you’re not into sugar glazes, think about replacing with honey or apricot jam or leave it off all together. I would suggest that you increase the orange zest in the dough in that case, as the icing does have that bursting fresh orange flavour.

I have made these without the glaze and increased the cinnamon-sugar filling instead – see recipe notes. My kids (and I, to a certain extent) preferred those because, the cinnamon-sugar forms into a caramel on the base of the rolls, which is very addictive!

Who am I kidding? the children wouldn’t have stopped me if I had suggested glazing those buns aswell. What can I say?, They have inherited their mother’s sweet tooth. It’s actually decreasing as I get older, so there’s still hope for them yet.

Orange Black Seed Cinnamon Rolls
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Orange Black Seed Cinnamon Rolls

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