My Best Loubia Recipe ~ White Bean Soup 1437 A.H


My Best Loubia Recipe ~ White Bean Soup 1437 A.H / 2015!  Every year as soon as the colder weather sets in my husband says, in more or less these exaggerated words “that’s it, we are eating loubia – beans soup, addass – lentil soup, any soup but only soup for the next 6 months”. The kids groan and I smile with glee … Read more

Another Loubia B’lham – White Bean & Lamb Soup


Rainy days in England call for soup, Algerian soup. There is absolutely nothing wrong with my first loubia b’lham, this is just another version, which in my opinion is marginally better. Unlike the original, the spices linger on the tongue and it’s more vibrant in colour because i didn’t cook the beans to a mush red … Read more

My Favourite Soups & Stews


My favourite soups & stews to be serving in these colder months. Even in Algeria North Africa we have had a drop in temperature, a few rainy days and even a few stormy nights a couple of weeks ago and what came along with that? Apart from fear, no electricity therefore no internet. We don’t really value … Read more

Minestrone Soup


Minestrone – A classic Italian soup loaded with vegetables, beans, tomatoes and pasta. A bowl of colour, warmth and nutrition during these ever increasingly cold winter days.  That’s of course if you’re in my part of the world and no I don’t really see it as mine but, you know I’m a terrible writer?! I don’t know how many times … Read more

Tarte Au Citron – Lemon Tart


Tarte Au Citron – Lemon Tart A buttery sweet shortcrust pastry, encasing a rich baked lemon custard. I absolutely L.O.V.E lemon-anything and everything! Lemons not only look pretty – give me a bowl of lemons instead of a bouquet of flowers and I’ll be happy, they bring freshness and sourness to many a baked good, dessert, drink, chicken … Read more