What I Cooked This Eid al Adha

I hope all my fellow muslims had a joyous Eid al Adha.

No new recipe this week, instead I’m sharing snaps of a few things I’ve been cooking during Eid.

Simple Pan-fried Mutton

Loubia Hamra bel Lham – Fresh Borlotti Beans and Mutton Stew.

Mashawiy – Grilled Mutton

Mthewem sauce blanche – A heavy-on-the-garlic meatballs and chickpeas in white sauce.

As opposed to the red sauce recipe

Did you enjoy taking a peak at some of the dishes I’ve been cooking in my kitchen this week?

I would like to say I have recipes for both the borlotti beans stew and white mthewem, but I winged it on both occasions and they turned out tasty.

Back to the drawing board, recreating and more importantly writing down recipes. Be back soon ان شاء الله.

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What I Cooked This Eid al Adha

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